Children's Party Food - Bellas Catering


There are many reasons, we could give you to book us for your child's fabulous birthday party. Harry & Hetty, The Healthy Hedgehogs are just 2 of them. Loved by kids aged 0-90,they are by far the best way for kids to eat fruit & Cheese. They are so popular they go to more parties than I do (and that is saying something).
You will also enjoy our menu. When we were designing this menu we asked many parents and children, what they like to eat at parties. So our menu has been created for you by parents like you and children like yours. The menu is a pic n' mix, so mum & dad can pic the budget and then of course you and your child can sit down together and mix the food. (Your child will be a party planner in no time).
So there you have it Mum & Dad, this is the easiest part of planning a party, now that your food is in good hands, you can spend time looking for bouncy castles or a magician.
I look forward to hearing from you soon.

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