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Manchester MegaPixel is part of the 2016 Manchester Science Festival, during which we'll be building a gigantic pixel image display by colouring individual pixels using red, green and blue pens. This will model the way computer LCD screens use red, green and blue light to display photographs and images, but on a much larger scale!
Manchester Science Festival takes place from 20th-30th October 2016, and we'll be colouring and building the pixel from Monday 24th, finishing on Sunday 30th. We'll also have other activities going on at the Museum of Science and Industry during the week, so you can learn about how image displays work, and help create the MegaPixel.

The finished pixels will be arranged inside a large window at the museum, and will be on display for people to see the completed image. The finished MegaPixel will be over 10 metres high, and consist of around 8000 individual pixels, each of which has 300 coloured segments.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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