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TUNNELS-a multisensory experience


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A multi-sensory theatre production for teenage audiences with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities

On Friday 24 and Saturday 25 January 2014, the New Wolsey Theatre will present Frozen Light's Tunnels. This theatre production takes the audience on an interactive and multi-sensory journey through the tunnels of light.

Performances are at 10.30am and 1.30pm on Friday 24 January, and 11am and 2pm on Saturday 25 January. Please contact a Ticket Sales Assistant on 01473 295900 to book for this production.

Goes on national tour after the New Wolsey production.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • POTC

    27-Jan-2014 Report

    A surprise visit from family including 2 teenagers with pmld gave me the ideal excuse to experience this wonderful show. I loved it! The performers were so committed to involving everyone, even a 6yr old with an obsessive need to understand how everything works! We went last minute so didn't have the opportunity to see the visual story but the calm, relaxed environment meant we didn't miss it. Our group included people from age 6 to 87, some with learning disabilities of varying levels, some without. We all enjoyed it equally which says it all for me, totally inclusive and completely enthralling. Thank you!

  • LESuffolk

    27-Jan-2014 Report

    Mumsnet Suffolk sent two reviewers to the show at The New Wolsey Theatre (but performed at The High St Gallery) -

    "This show 'Tunnels' specifically appeals to teenagers with Profound and Multiple Learning Disabilities, creating an exciting, entertaining piece of theatre. Tunnels is inspired by stories and images from popular teenage and young adult literature and film such as 'The Hunger Games' and 'lord Of The Rings' Performed 'in the round' to an audience of six teenagers with Profound & Multiple learning Disabilities and their companions, Tunnels is performed in accessible, often non traditional theatre spaces. It is a personal and exciting production which aims to meet the needs of its audience in a proactive rather than reactive manner with minimal language so as to broaden accessibility.

    There was a chill out area set aside for anybody who found the production too intense at any moment and movement between all areas of the performance was encouraged and easy. We also received a 'visual story' before the day so we knew what to expect and were already starting to become immersed in the story.

    We were placed in a circle with the performers in the centre. They interacted one on one with each audience member after they met us in the foyer and escorted us through an exciting tunnel to our seats.

    Tunnels takes its audience on a wonderful adventure filled with multi-sensory experiences when they follow Lana as she leaves her darkened village in search of the light. Each tunnel offers different sensory experiences with some having a different scent such as chocolate or mustiness. One tunnel is warm and feels like sand but the next is cold and wet. One tunnel has on eerie glow and takes Lana deeper than she has ever been before. The audience are given the chance to experience for themselves all of Lana's emotions but in a safe space.

    The cast do an amazing job of involving the audience and creating a magical show for all of us. This is a lovely show for people with Learning Disabilities and their companions who were just as mesmerised and engrossed. I could see how much everybody enjoyed it, especially when the cast interacted with them. Such smiles of joy on their faces.

    Thanks to all for such a great opportunity"

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