Little Silly Events Dodgeball Parties


Little Silly Events are here to help your child have a brilliant, fun time. Alongside our sister company Dodgeball UK we are highly experienced in delivering fun and safe events for youngsters all over the UK.

Kids love throwing balls at each other, everyone knows that! As well as being great for using up all of their energy, boosting their fitness and health, it is incredibly inclusive as any child can take part without ever having played Dodgeball before. Everyone is a beginner, there's no group of children who are much better or worse, and girls and boys play brilliantly together. It's also the only sport where people play and laugh at the same time!

We offer our Dodgeball children's parties ages 5+. We use a mixture of mini and full size balls which can be thrown in different ways to suit smaller hands. The balls are specially designed not to sting and are very safe to play with.

All our staff are DBS checked and are chosen specifically because they are great with youngsters, will create a great atmosphere and be empathetic to the needs of all the children at the event.

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