Personal Trainer


Based in the Heathrow, Ashford area, I am a recently established, highly qualified personal trainer, specialising in offering a tailor-made programme to suit your targets. And with the festive period coming up soon, who wouldn't snap up the opportunity to burn a few calories!
I deal with a wide range of people, from young adults who wish to tone up, to the older generation who want to slim down; whatever your goal – I'm the man for you!
If you're serious about improving your physical state, you should be looking at training with a professional source. Working with me in a relaxed environment of your choice makes you feel a lot more comfortable about breaking into that sweat!
Train inside or outdoors; the choice is yours. Enquire now for a special Buy One Get One Half Price offer on sessions.
The time to move forward is now! So call 07930 502319 for more information!

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