BabyCalm Sleep Workshop


This is aimed at parents of babies aged 4-12 months who are struggling at night time. We examine realistic expectations of infant sleep, the physiology behind it and encourage gentle methods to manipulate baby's sleep patterns. Our sleep workshop is very different to most other baby sleep help that you may find. Our techniques stem from a sound scientific base, and we guarantee that they will not cause any harm, nor will they result in any tears, to you or your baby.
You will learn:
- what normal baby sleep looks like
- how to maximize the amount of sleep your baby - and you -will get
- the neuroscience of infant sleep
- the pros and cons of the most commonly used sleep training techniques
- sleep safety and SIDS
- gentle alternatives to help your baby sleep
- what to expect of your baby's sleep in the future
- how to create good sleep habits - for life!

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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