For women following Michael Mosely's '8 Week Blood Sugar Diet'.
A lively support group and workshop with weekly meetings.

Our Aims

1) Offer the SUPPORT of a small group - shown to be the most effective format to sustain motivation and successful weight loss

2) STRUCTURE group time to help you set goals and plans and get ideas and encouragement

3) COACH you how to get through the first 8 weeks, and then how to integrate the diet into a permanent way of living

4) CHALLENGE you to achieve your goals and make the results permanent

Although it's an 8 week plan, it is designed to be the centre of a permanent change to healthier eating and living.

Maggie has a long career in training and development. She is a skilled facilitator, coach and counsellor, with a lot of faith in the power of groups. She is also following the 8 Week Blood Sugar Diet and will be ‘walking the talk'. She is also a keen cook and recipe addict and is looking forward to exploring mediterranean style eating with ‘cook and taste' sessions!

The Plan is mainly aimed at women with Type 2 diabetes, pre diabetes or high blood pressure.

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