Carpet Cleaning Carshalton Ltd


To tell the truth, I feel lucky and happy about working almost with same colleagues since the establishment of the company in 2007 .! At the present time, they are a lot faster and more skillful than me. Each year I make sure that all the cleaners attend the educational and practice classes which are presented in the London area. This is a key factor for being the best on the market, since technologies are developing every minute! We need to be present-day if we want to preserve our loyal customers and if we would like to have many new clients as well! You have no clue what are the most innovative cleaning preparations on the market – cleaning solutions that if applied correctly are able to remove all the stains from the carpet – even rust and mould! In the past when I used to be a cleaner, we couldn't overcome those problems– the carpet looked better after the cleaning procedure but you still could see the stains on it. At present we can clean a spilt can of paint that was left to dry onto the carpet for weeks! Open all day eveyday!

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