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Little Kickers

Worcester Park

Little Kicks classes will be enjoyed most by children who are 18 months to 2½ years of age, with the aid of a parent/carer. However, children can productively play up to two and half years of age in this class. Confident children aged two years to two and a half years may join Junior Kickers immediately, if they have already enjoyed an introduction to football at home, and are physically and socially confident. Junior Kickers classes do not need parental participation

Both of these classes run on Tuesday mornings.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • Alib0bs

    09-Feb-2017 Report

    Tried this class recently with my little boy who is just over 2. The first class was largely chaotic with the majority of the time spent with the coach trying to make the children sit down, which unsurprisingly for 2 year olds expecting to be kicking footballs, was unsuccessful. When not herding the children, the coach would set an elaborate task such as running round cones, then crawling, then back heeling the ball into a net. I was pretty cynical after the first class, but tried a second to be certain. More endless sitting down, involving completely age inappropriate exercises such as reciting days of the week, which were obviously met with blank faces as, well, they are 2 years old. Coach became so frustrated towards end of class, he stormed out, refusing to give the much anticipated stickers, (my son still mentions this!) Basically a complete lack of comprehension as to what is an age appropriate set of exercises for the age range. In fairness, management refunded full course fees, though now stuck with kit. Different classes may be better, this is just our experience. My son does Playball too and in contrast this works really well, as coaches pitch the games and tasks at applicable age range. (Worcester Park)

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