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The Headmistress, Staff & Children of Collingwood School invite you to visit our school. The Next Open Day is:

Saturday, 6 May 2017.

Open Mornings offer the ideal occasion for you to view the school and talk to our pupils and staff. You can also find out about the subjects on offer, as well as the many extra-curricular activities and opportunities available to students at Collingwood.

You can speak informally to teachers and pupils and tour our school in the company of one our our pupil tour guides. Everyone is welcome and there is no need to book an appointment.

Visits to the school are possible at other times by appointment. Please call Mrs Butler to book a personal tour on 0208 647 4607.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • user1488492837

    02-Mar-2017 Report

    Collingwood school is a sad tale of a school on the slide to the same fate as BHS, Woolworth and others that didn't realise that they were no longer current or unique.

    A few years ago it was getting most of it right. Its always been a small school (about 100 pupils) and there's absolutely nothing wrong with that, particularly as it was a small school with a big heart.

    However constant change in leadership 5 headteachers in 7 years means it lacks vision, leadership and consistent decent staff. The few good ones are teaching the wrong year groups. This is the reason why they are very coy about their leavers result?

    The current Head and deputy head maybe ok teachers but good teacher's don't necessarily make great Headteachers or leaders.

    Even nursery and early years are suffering, I was shocked to hear that going into September 16 the year 1 class has gone from 13 to 4 children. 4 children in 1 year group! and only 90 pupils in the whole school? A mass exodus of unhappy reception class parents that realised that the Educational expectation and standards are low. The quality of staff varies considerably, with no consistency some teachers have only taught at the school. So have not outside experience of what good practice looks like.

    Wiser Parents react by taking their children out early, from nursery and in the lower years hence dwindling class numbers the higher up the school you go. For a school a small school to lose 20 fee paying children across all year groups - alarm bells start ringing. They always have spaces...... Good schools have waiting lists no loads of spaces.

    The school cancelled a CURRICULUM trip that costs £200 because they couldn't afford it. You read right..... A curriculum trip was cancelled because the school didn't have £200. What else are they skimping on?

    It's a shame - as I said at the start, When mr Fenwick was headteacher 3/4 years ago it was as you would expect an independent school to be. Since then there has been mr Cobb, miss Beresford, Mrs Heron, mr Cobb and a new HT starting in April 2017. It was getting it right many years ago but I'm afraid I couldn't and wouldn't recommend Collingwood School, Wallington to anyone.

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