Rebecca Schiller

Tower Hamlets wide

I'm Rebecca Schiller and I'm a Doula UK recognised birth doula. I'm also co-chair of Birthrights and write about pregnancy, birth and postnatal issues for a range of newspapers and magazines.

Though I used to live (and often work) in Hackney I've recently moved to Ramsgate and now support births across Kent as well as accesible parts of London – particularly Hackney and Islington.

I believe firmly that, given the right support, everyone is able to have a positive birth experience; whatever that means for them. So my focus before, during and after the birth is always in providing whatever is needed to encourage couples to explore and pursue their version of this positive birth.

If you live in Kent or East London and you'd like to find out more about whether I might be the right doula for you, get in touch and do take a look around my blog.

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