'Talking Underwater' at Oxford House

Bethnal Green

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Gallit Shaltiel is a Brighton based artist /illustrator and educator, launching her first solo London show at Oxford House.

'Talking Underwater' is a black and white print exhibition, using dark humour to convey the complex feelings of distressed and depressed states of mind.
The theme is explored through a mischievous world where uncanny anatomy and objects fragment, contort, and merge in to one another. The images are created by hand cut card silhouettes, transformed through photography on a light box.

For the opening night, on the 5th of July -6-9 pm-, the stop motion animation 'flats' will be shown. Influenced by Buster Keaton style slapstick, one figure struggles to break free of a concrete block of flats while another attempts to balance a spinning wheel on its back.

More about Gallit Shaltiel: http://gallitshaltiel.com

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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