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Birth Doula


I would like to offer my services as a birth doula. I have been in the field of birth and supporting women and their partners for over 20 years. I became a member of DUK in 2004. I will not take on more than two couples in one month and I will work with the couple preparing them for their birth. for further details contact Arlene Dunkley-Wood

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  • ADWdoula

    18-Jul-2015 Report

    Please note my new website is www.arlenedunkley-wood.co.uk I offer prenatal yoga, postnatal yoga, birth preparation workshops, general yoga, yoga for healthy backs, aqua natal yoga and 1- 1 sessions as well as massage and craniosacral therapy. I am also looking for people who may be interested in earning some residual income by joining doTERRA and become a network marketer of these powerful and healing essential oils and their products. contact me if any of these services interest you info @arlenedunkley-wood.co.uk or 07976903003

  • Yoga4BirthE17

    07-Jun-2013 Report

    It is such an honour to be invited to support a couple as a birth doula. A very close relationship develops as we get to know each other well during the preparation for birth and the weeks leading up to the labour. Staying with you, throughout the labour and in the immediate moments after the birth.

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