PT for a fit husband & super dad

Between the Commons

Introducing customised workouts for a fit husband & super dad.

Treat your husband to some "me" time and help him get back in shape, ready to come back home full of energy to help with the kids!

We work with dads to help them get and stay fit, manage their stress levels and re-energise themselves.

Our tailored sessions are fast paced and focus in equal measure on endurance, strength & flexibility for fat loss, general fitness and to stay injury free.

We train you at home or in the park and provide 1-2-1 personal training as well as special packages covering exercise, nutrition and stress management.

We offer three gift packages:
1. One session gift - £40/ hour.
2. Block of five sessions - £175
3. Block of ten sessions - £300

For details, contact:
Deepak Ravindran
REPS L3 Personal Trainer
Mobile - 07536147838
email -
Website -

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