Hypnobirthing from Birth Confidence


I offer two day workshops for pregnant women and their partners, teaching self-hypnosis techniques to empower you to have a better birth experience. I cover breathing and relaxation, positions and partner's role, how hormones can help or hinder and also how popular perceptions of childbirth today can have such a negative, unhelpful impact. However what distinguishes these workshops from other antenatal preparation courses is the emphasis on using hypnosis. It helps to bring about change, to overcome fear, tension and doubt, to change perception of pain and to enhance well-being and enjoyment of the birth process, setting you up for a positive experience of parenthood.
I run two day group workshops but offer private courses as well.
I have over 22 years' experience of teaching for a major parenting charity and also teach NHS classes locally. I have been running Hypnobirthing courses for over four years now and have recently qualified as a Hypnotherapist wth the NGH (National Guild of Hypnotists).

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