Ease stress related symptoms with reflexology

West Sussex

Luxury In-home Relaxation
In order to enhance the positive effect we travel for you so that you can stay relaxed after the session and not have to worry about travelling home.

We use a mixture of reflexology techniques depending on your health condition

*Energetic touch - Firm and deep pressure for energising and awake
*Feather touch - Gentle touch for relaxation
*Japanese Tsubo (pressure point) - apply tsubo points to ease particular conditions

Reflexology can be helpful for
-Stress and anxiety
-Low energy levels
-Digestive disorders
-Hormone imbalances
-Back/Shoulder/Neck pain
-Sleep disorders
-Reducing the toxic burden on the body
-Stimulating the immune system
-Circulatory disorders
-Hormonal imbalances
-Pain relief

Please do not hesitate to contact us to get free stress reduction advice or self-help reflexology technique.

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