Crawley, Horsham and Mid Sussex PND Support

County Wide

We are a peer support group, based on Facebook to support those with Pre/post natal depression. The facebook groupd is 'closed' so only members can access posts/ events

We have a monthly meet up at a local family centre, which runs all year round including school holidays as well as others at soft play/ parks etc. Meet-ups take place on different day of the week, in order to be as inclusive as possible to all members and their varying work and family commitments. We also try to cover Horsham and Crawley as members come from a wide area and not everybody drives. There is usually something organised during school holidays, so that members with school aged children can still feel part of the group.

We occasionally go out for dinner, drinks or to the cinema (or anything else we fancy doing), without the children in tow.

Formally organised meet ups, such as the ones at the family centre are created as events on our Facebook page so that all members of the group (but no general public) can see them. We encourage members to get together informally as well, either through a Facebook event or privately.

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