Childs Bound Astrology Report


Bound Child Astrology Chart

This is an Astrology chart for a child which focuses on the child's innate emotional needs, temperament, learning style, talents and abilities, allowing you to nurture the child's authentic self with knowledge of their child's unique blueprint. This report will give you a glimpse into the nature of a recently born baby or child.

Astrology says their basic makeup is already there from the start, just not revealed, but it can be discerned from a child astrology report. Events to come will surely shape the kid but their basic personality is already there when they are born, as written in the stars. Each child's astrology report provides a basic understanding of your child's natural gifts, strengths and weaknesses and will guide you in how to best nurture your child so that they always feel loved and value.

Ensure that you have the ability to recognise your child's needs and that they fit within whatever the environment is around them.

Charts available from website.

Perfect as a gift for friends or even to learn more about your child.

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