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House Cleaning Services Ltd

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Everything you own will be precious to you. This applies to the small things to the large things, useful to entertaining, valuable to valueless, practical to sentimental, and much more.House Cleaning Services are a firm dedicated to making people's homes spotless and we can do this for you.You will be able to learn the best techniques, what materials are best, how to approach the whole process and more. If there is anything you are unsure about, they will give you the answer in a thorough and friendly manner so you can learn what to do.For more information call us on 020 3770 8836 or visit www.housecleaningservices.org.uk

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  • CatherineNorman

    12-Sep-2016 Report

    My kitchen gets a lot of use for commercial reasons, but I had been slacking in the cleaning department. I booked a cleaning date with House Cleaning Services Ltd and they came the same week. The cleaners were very diligent and motivated, and didn't stop cleaning until they'd cleaned it all from top to bottom. I was so impressed with them and their cleaning ethics.

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