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Carpet Cleaning N4 Ltd

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Our Carpet Cleaning N4 Ltd can take care of every type of carpet and every type of problem. Our expert service is built around having cleaners with the skills you won't find elsewhere. They have already a wealth of experience by the time they come to us. It can save you an incredible amount of time and means you know your place is as clean as it can be on a consistent basis. If that sounds attractive to you, get in touch with us and see how our domestic cleaning service is the service of choice for so many in Harringay, N4. Everything is cleaned as it should be and left spotless, just as you want it to be. Regardless of the size of property you have, it's guaranteed no-one will leave you as satisfied as our cleaners. So call us today on 020 3743 0735, or visit our website www.carpetcleaningN4.co.uk

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  • JesseeMitchell

    18-Jan-2016 Report

    It wasn't long ago that we were cleaning the entire office ourselves. It was a major distraction and one we could do without. But thanks to the team at Carpet Cleaning N4 Ltd, we've now got a much better, more professional solution. We're able to trust them to bring in the best team around to clean every inch of the office. It's really useful and the clients have definitely noticed. Good price too, saved us all so much hassle. Have to say a big thank you to the entire team.

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