Expressionist Art Workshop

St John's Wood

"Expressionism is an artistic style in which the artist attempts to depict not objective reality but rather the subjective emotions and responses that objects and events arouse in him. He accomplishes his aim through distortion, exaggeration, primitivism, and fantasy and through the vivid, jarring, violent, or dynamic application of formal elements.

In a broader sense Expressionism is one of the main currents of art in the later 19th and the 20th centuries, and its qualities of highly subjective, personal, spontaneous self-expression are typical of a wide range of modern artists and art movements.

Expressionism assessed itself mostly in Germany, in 1910. As an international movement, expressionism has also been thought of as inheriting from certain medieval artforms and, more directly, Cézanne, Gauguin, Van Gogh and the fauvism movement."

-This workshop is for 3-8 years old kids
-Monday, 8th August, from 14:00-16:00
-2 hours/ £ 30 per child, includes snacks.
-Earlier drop-off and later pick-up can be arranged for £12 per hour for members and £14 for non-members.
-Please book your place at:

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