Handy Services Ltd

City Of London wide

Handy Services Ltd has been around for quite a while now, offering clients the very best removal services they could ask for. From removal van hire to full removal service, we can offer you all. Our W4 moving vans are clean and frequently maintained and our teams of movers are professionally trained experts that will have no trouble with any amount of belongings you entrust them with. Our handymen are skilled in a range of trades. We have teams of electricians, plumbers, carpenters and property maintenance experts providing professional services at amazing prices. With our qualified handymen, there's nothing we can't do for you. We don't charge the earth either. Don't put off the jobs that need doing thinking you'll get around to it yourself! Call us on 020 3793 4888 today and find out why we're known for our reliability in the local area, or just visit our website www.handyservices.org.uk

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