Three Colours (Norwich Puppet Theatre )


  • Leigh Library

  • Turnpike Centre, Civic Square, Market Street, Leigh, WN7 1EB

  • 01942 404404

  • £1 pp

  • 25-Apr-14

  • Shows at 11am and 2pm

  • All ages

Imagine a world where you are

Diving into the deep blue sea

Hopping around with green frogs

Gazing into the crackling red of a bonfire

Blue, green and red delights...

Bask in a world of colour in this interactive performance that gently draws you and your children into wonderful imaginary landscapes. Three Colours places you and your children at the very centre of the experience, creating different sensory worlds where you can swim with fish, hear the crackle of a fire, feel frogs nibble your toes, catch grasshoppers and listen to a gentle heartbeat... all magically created out of the colours of light.

With the use of projection, light, puppets, music, movement and dance, this immersive performance promises to delight and tickle the imagination of the young.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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