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Baby & Toddler Swimming Classes - Turtle Tots

Bradford on Avon

At our baby swimming classes you will learn how to swim with your baby above and below the water. You will also learn how to teach your baby water confidence and key lifesaving skills. The classes provide a really special bonding experience, and are also fun and sociable; using songs and nursery rhymes. Our classes have been endorsed by personal trainers, so each move you make with your baby in the water also promotes post-natal fitness, strength and toning. So teach your baby how to swim and keep fit at the same time!
Turtle tots is an innovative and fun swimming programme. Our classes form a progressive programme, so we teach something new every week and build on learnt skills every class.

Times and prices are subject to change. Contact venue before setting out.

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  • lisawills75

    13-Jan-2014 Report

    We started Turtle Tots at Widbrook when our daughter was around eight weeks old. I was really keen to get her in the water as early as possible as I think it's a really important skill for her to learn and the earlier the better. Already at four months I can see how much she has progressed and am delighted with how happy she is in the water. The course is great as, as well as swimming itself, it teaches them what to do if they fall into water so they don't panic and so they know what to do. My daughter's favourite bit is falling in off the edge! There are lots of songs and key phrases that keep her interested and so she learns to know what to expect. And the added bonus is that she sleeps really well after each session! Highly recommended.


    10-Jan-2014 Report

    We started to take my daughter swimming at Turtle Tots BoA when she was six months as an activity she could do with her Dad and give me a chance to rest!. Jo, Amber and Nic are great enthusiastic teachers and the children love them as much as the swimming! My husband and daughter really enjoy the lessons, its their time together and its great fun watching her develop from looking around in awe in the beginning, to a year on and she is jumping into the pool, confidently holding onto the side and swimming underwater. Its also an incredibly important life skill - and whilst we would never be complacent around water we are also aware she can haul herself out of the water (and she is a tiny skinny little thing!), reach out and hold onto things and not panic when in deep water. My daughter loves getting her certificate at the end of each term and putting it up on the wall and I am amazed at what she can do. The variety of venues in the area means I can usually book a catch class easily.

  • paula123watts

    10-Jan-2014 Report

    We've taken our daughter along to a Saturday class in Bradford-on-Avon since she was 10 weeks old. We love the class, as does our daughter. Its great that it's on a Saturday as it means my husband can also come along and join in (he is normally the one that gets in the water as he loves the fact that it's his chance to do a baby class). We will definitely continue to do this class until our daughter is 4 as not only is it great fun, the teachers are all so engaged and are in the water with you (so even if you're not a strong swimmer you can still do this class) and I think swimming is one of the best skills a child can have.

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