Hypno Gastric Band


Fed up with Yo-Yo dieting? Well,the highly successful Hypno Gastric Band is now available in Devizes.Whatever your weight loss needs-1st to 20 st LONG TERM!
Diet and exercise plans usually fail to work long term becaus a fundamental problem is not addressed.
This problem is our emotional issue that we have with food. Most of us are unaware of this emotional link but a common example is having to finish everything on your plate or raiding the 'fridge for ice cream if we are feeling 'down'.If these emotional links are not dealt with, then we continue to yo-yo diet and continue to suffer the disappointment of never achieving long term weight loss.
My successful approach is to firstly deal effectively with any emotional links preventing long term weight loss. I then 'fit' the imaginary gastric band under hypnosis.
Have a look at the website for full details and put an end to Yo-Yo diets!!

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