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My name is Tina Coley and I have been a dedicated birth doula since 2007. I have supported more than 60 families throughout their birth and postnatal weeks and I am commited to helping women and their families achieve positive and empowered births.
My aim is to take you from pregnancy, through labour, birth and beyond and get you to the other side feeling supported and happy, every step of the way. Women remember their births in detail for the rest of their lives, and we owe it to ourselves to make those memories good ones.
My specialised areas are VBAC, previous birth trauma and first time mums.
I am passionate about women having the right to choose the way they want to have their babies - birth is not an illness! Whether a woman wants a natural homebirth, a medicalised birth in hospital, or something in between, I will offer my full non-judgemental support every step of the way.

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  • courgetteDOTcom

    27-Feb-2014 Report

    Tina was my doula for two pregnancies. I met her after I had my second CS and I thought that I would never be able to have a VB. Tina supported me to find the answers and to go to see my consultant with a reasoned argument. I never would have thought before I met her I would have had that confidence.

    I didn't have the best birth experience from the hospital side of things but because of the support of Tina I found the positive in it.

    The second pregnancy Tina supported me in I went into labour very early and she was available for the week I was in on phone and Facebook to my partner, talking him through things and keeping him calm. When I first asked him about having a doula he agreed if it's what I wanted but wasn't bothered really, now he tells everyone how wonderful Tina is which says a lot more to me than anything I could ever say about her.

  • Stcwtsn

    27-Feb-2014 Report

    Tina has supported me through two pregnancies and births now after a traumatic birth experience in 2008. After my first birth it left me very depressed, physically and mentally scarred and it was only after looking into what had happened more that I even realised it hadn't had to have been like that. I had choices and should have been clearer, through my research and through vocalising, in what I wanted.

    This is where Tina came in for the birth of my second child a few years later. She prepared me before the birth and gave me lots of information so I could plan how I would ideally like things to go and even plan for ' not so best case scenarios' so even if the birth should take an unexpected twist, I could stay in control and deliver how I wanted.

    I can never thank Tina enough for the healing, empowering birth she allowed me to have with my second child. There is no doubt that without her support, encouragement, knowledge and relationship with the other health care professionals, that it would have been a different story again. She let me just have a baby! Relayed my wishes to people, reminded me of them at my weakest points and made sure I was allowed to just be and do what I needed to.
    The result was an ecstatic postpartum Moma, who was and still is, amazed at the process. It was a very healing process after the ordeal of my first birth and just what I needed to start living my life again and building our family.

    Anyone wondering about a doula should go for it. Even if you're unsure as to whether you need one or whether you think it's an unaffordable luxury, believe me it's not. The right words, at the right time, from someone you've grown to trust can be life changing.

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