Low Energy Heating, Radiant Heat


At Natural Energy Technologies, we are focused on providing leading, low energy technologies to the domestic, and commercial, consumer with the highest level of customer satisfaction.

You can go outside during the Winter and the air might be very cold. Within a short amount of time, having the sun's rays on you will warm you up nicely...the air is still cold, but you are warm.

Infra red heating works on the same basis, without the harmful ultra violet rays.

It's a much more gentle warmth, rather than being blasted by heat, and with the healthy far infra rad heat, you would expect to feel much more comfortable compared to your standard central heating.

Whether you are looking to replace an old inefficient central heating system with this new technology, or just fix a "problem room" which is difficult to heat or damp, contact us to discuss your requirements, and we will advise you on what options would be available.

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