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Premier Inn Wolverhampton


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  • LocalEditorWolverhampton

    25-Feb-2014 Report

    I am a woman who uses crutches, I asked the receptionist if I could get some help to my room as I couldn't manage my bag myself and she kindly helped me in and left the bags where I could reach them. I got ready to go out to the party I was in town for and realised that I had had a little wardrobe malfunction unfortunately this was a two person job and the receptionist very kindly helped me out whilst I waited for the taxi she had called for me.

    I arrived back late and I was looking forward to sleeping in the massive bed but, despite being very comfortable, the duvet was as thin as a blanket and every time I started to drift I had to wake back up to rub feeling back into my arms. I was told it was the same duvet used everywhere but this hasn't been my experience. Apart from that it's a lovely hotel, convenient to the train and I would recommend it to visitors.

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